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REMOTE ACCESS SERVICES by Universal Computer Services of Spruce Pine, NC

Universal Computer Services of Spruce Pine, NC

Offers our clients complete Remote Access Services for most computer issues. All you need is internet access and an installed TeamViewer application (which we offer as a download below).

Once you are set up on TeamViewer, you'll only need to provide us with your unique code and temporary password. We'll log in and set up everything for you.

The first time we log in, besides setting up the TeamViewer application for you, we'll also transfer a number of program files to your PC which we'll use to perform everything from diagnostics to cleaning malware and infections from your PC or Laptop. If your system is used in your business, we can even arrange to log in after hours or at any time it would not be in use by you or your staff. We'll work with you to limit downtime and interference in your daily activities. We can even set up regualrly schedule routine maintenance to insure that your system(s) continue to run smooth and virus-free.

Of course you want to know what this will cost you. That's the BEST PART OF ALL! Our prices are the absolute lowest you'll find anywhere for the service level you'll receive! We charge a one-time up front setup fee of $24.95 Thereafter, you'll be billed a small recurring fee of only $9.95 per month. (Businesses AND Individuals can qualify for our multi-system discounts as well! Please let us know how many systems you'll want covered when you contact us!) There isn't any need to cancel as you will be billed each month and if you choose to discontinue the service, simply don't pay. Your contract will automatically terminate! That's it. No commitments, no worries about being overcharged, and if you DO wish to set up an automated payment plan, we'd be happy to do that, but ONLY at your request.

To Find out more or to sign up, visit our

Contact Us Page

and send us a message with your request.

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Universal Computer Services was the perfect solution for my website needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they created highest quality professional website at a price which I could afford. It's a joy to work with them. They made it easier than I had anticipated. Not only did Universal Computer Services produce the exact look and feel of my business, but they also incorporated cutting edge ideas which enhance the effectiveness of the site. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly they created my new site. They met all my requests faster than the time frame they quoted me. A rare occurrence with most businesses today! I love our new website and I am happy I chose Universal Computer Services.

December 6th, 2011
Posted By: Ronnie Shipman
Owner, The Hit'n Mill, Hope Mills, NC

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